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Plateau Valley Hospital District Special Board Meeting Minutes

Monday, May 14, 2007

Present: Board:  Frank Wagner, Dave Bristol, Denny Holmes, Helen Spence , Bob Wilson.

Staff:  Rene Castillo , Jessi Clark, Shannon Currier, Erika Woodyard, Stephanie Lanford, Scott Rollins (17:31)

Meeting called to order at 17:18 by Helen Spence .

1.      Benefits – It was decided that it will be discussed at next meeting.  No presentation needed.

2.      AC Units for the Congregation Church – The Church would like our old window AC units.  It was decided to donate them.

3.      Equipment – A doctor’s office in Grand Junction is going out of business.  They will sell all equipment and furniture for $15,000.  Denny has an enclosed trailer.  If we need short term storage that will work.  If we have to hold it awhile, then we may rent something to store in.

Resolution 1:  Be it resolved that the Board of Directors approves the purchase of the used equipment and furniture from Dr. Huebert  for the amount of $15,000.  Dave Bristol motioned and Frank Wagner seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.  

4.      Long-term planning –

It was decided to look at time interval of five years.  There are four categories to consider.  They are Physical Facility, Personnel, Financial, and Medical Services.  Each category was broken out and the needs were listed.   Jessi will email the lists out for everybody to look at this for next meeting and to come up with other ideas.  Priorities will be determined later.

Meeting adjourned at 19:00.

Respectfully submitted,

Jessi Clark, secretary to the Board

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