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October 18, 2004

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER AT 17:15 PM by Helen Spence, President.

BOARD MEMBERS: Helen Spence, Bob Wilson, Frank Wagner, Dave Bristol and Denny Holmes.

PVHD STAFF MEMBERS: Jessi Clark, Dr. Rollins and Sharon Hill. Rene Castillo 17:15-17:30 excused the remainder of the meeting.

GUESTS PRESENT: Deb Johns, Georgia Young, Kay Orton, Tom Rau and Greg Randall.

1. ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES: Presented by Rene Castillo.

  • The Elevator is not working. Elevator Services Inc. (ESI) has been contacted. It probably involves the pump that holds the hydraulic pressure. ESI will be called tomorrow to get started on repair of the elevator
  • ESI service agreement was discussed at the cost of $175 per month ($2,100 annual). At this time it seems the best option to have regular service.
  • ESI proposal to meet ADA compliance was discussed and the Board of Directors agreed the upgrades are necessary.

Resolution #1: Be it resolved that the Board of Directors accepts the Elevator Services, Inc. bid in the amount of $2,000 for ADA compatible Emergency Telephone, Emergency Light system and Micro-Screen.

Dave Bristol motioned and Frank Wagner seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Resolution #2: Be it resolved that the Board of Directors accepts the Elevator Services, Inc. elevator service agreement in the amount of $175.00 per month or $2,100.00 annual.

Denny Holmes motioned and Bob Wilson seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

2. PLATEAU VALLEY SCHOOL BOND ISSUE: Presented by Kay Orton, Tom Rau and Greg Randall. See attached FACT SHEET.

3. NO EXECUTIVE SESSION needed at this time.


Resolution #3: Be it resolved that the Minutes of the September 20, 2004, meeting be approved as presented.

Frank Wagner motioned and Bob Wilson seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

5. CLINIC CONSULTANT REPORT presented by Deb Johns.

  • The Billing Service conversion took place this past week and was completed today. It was an 8 day ordeal.
  • No insurance claims were sent during the conversion and October’s cash flow will be down due to the 8 day billing delay.
  • HMO Billings will have a longer turn around time due to the electronic billing process in place by HMO.
  • The Electronic Medical Records system will require satellite internet access and at that time the clinic could possibly utilize this service for faster computer access with MMC.
  • MMC and PV Clinic are HIPAA compliant and the fire wall is in place for Security Compliance which is required February 1, 2005.
  • Statements are now showing previous patient payments to address patient requests.
  • Jessi attended an OSHA workshop and found that political subdivisions are exempt from OSHA, OSHA Inspections and OSHA fines. The District plans to continue following OSHA guidelines for employee and patient safety.
  • Deb attended a HIPAA Compliance Seminar regarding increased requests for documentation on certain procedures prior to payment of claims which have been discussed with the physicians and staff.
  • The Medical Clinic Compliance Plan was discussed and is ready for approval. Deb and Dr. Woodyard have been working on the plan for a year. The Code of Ethics will be presented for approval in November and will be signed by all employees including Deb & Ellen from Monument Medical Consultants.

Resolution #4: Be it resolved that the Board of Directors adopt the Medical Clinic Compliance Plan as presented.

Frank Wagner motioned and Bob Wilson seconded. Motion carried unanimously.


  • Mesa Clinic Progress Report:
    • Dr. Rollins reported that Nathalie Ames is in the process of changing the Zoning for a Medical Clinic and is working with the planning department.
    • Answers to questions regarding a time frame for the Mesa Clinic depends totally on the length of time the Planning Department takes for the zone change. Once this has been accomplished the foundation, utilities and time to set the modular in place should be 30 to 60 days.
    • Frank Wagner will continue as liason person with Nathalie Ames.
  • Collbran Clinic:
    • A Special Board meeting has been set for October 25th at 5:30 pm for Construction Bids to be opened. Dave Bristol and Helen Spence will be unable to attend. Frank Wagner, Bob Wilson and Denny Holmes will attend this meeting.
    • Frank reported that at least 6 general contractors, 5 mechanical/electrical contractors and 2 local contractors have picked up plans.
  • Service Plan: Valerie Robison, Mesa County Assistant County Attorney, has been e-mailed and left messages. Sharon will contact J D Snodgrass, Attorney, to get further information and have him contact Valerie.
  • Job Descriptions: The Accountant, Bookkeeper and Business Administrator job descriptions were presented with the changes/additions suggested by Larry Jokerst.

Resolution #5: Be it resolved that the Board of Directors approve Job Descriptions for Accountant Consultant, Business Administrator and Bookkeeper.

Dave Bristol motioned and Denny Holmes seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

  • Sharon will talk to the accountant and begin the process of contracting for services to begin no later than December 1st and make certain the $6,000 annual fee will cover the functions required of the Accountant.
  • Jessi was offered the other two descriptions and will meet with Sharon regarding the feasibility of adding these responsibilities to her current position.


  • Georgia Young presented the fact that the District needs to clean out the kitchen. She suggested selling the refrigerator to the Assembly of God Church as they are in need of more refrigerator space and the food be distributed to the local church food banks. The Board of Directors agreed. Sharon suggested that the older part of the building has a lot of equipment and supplies that need to be sold either by yard sale or silent auction. Sharon would like the Faith in Action volunteers to organize this and receive a percentage of the sales for their program as a fund raiser. The board requested this to be pursued.
  • Appraisal comp up-dates: The letter from Pam Sant of Appraisal Associates was reviewed. In summary Pam states:
    • The current appraisal is current for use as a Nursing Home
    • There are no comparable sales within the area or Mesa County to up-date
    • The value of the building for other services could be discounted for up-grades by the new owner
  • Realtor:
    • Les Smith, Bray & Co, was contacted to list the property. Les returned a call stating a survey to split the property and condo minimization needed to be done prior to listing. He also stated he would be working with Jack Knutson of Front Porch Realty.
    • Town of Collbran: Bruce Smith was contacted in regards to the property line rearrangement, condominium requirements, protective covenants and/or separate water sewer for each parcel. A surveyor would need to do the property line adjustments.
    • Attorney: J. D. Snodgrass, Williams, Turner & Holmes, was contacted in regards to the specifics for the above changes. At this time it seems the first step is a survey to split the property.
    • Surveyors: Calls have been made to 4 surveyors for estimates on change of boundary-Terry Nichols, MAP Surveys, Atkins & Associates (Rich Atkins) and QED (David Morris). Proposals were received from Atkins & Associates and QED. These were reviewed. After further discussion the decision was made to contact the realtors and list without the survey until interested parties have made it clear to the Board of Directors which part of the building would be purchased and at that time the survey and split could be made, this would be more practical in the matter of which portions to include in the change in boundaries. It was also suggested that possibly the building could be sold and the land leased which would negate the need for a land survey.
  • Building Use: Dr. Rollins has been contacted by a group that is pursuing exercise equipment for a senior wellness program and will need a place to put the equipment and use it. The lower floor of the middle section of the building would be an ideal place for this purpose if it is not sold. The last community survey was in favor of a wellness program and this would fit.

BUSINESS REPORT: Report presented by Sharon Hill.

  • Cash available is up $1,100 from August.
  • A/R is up $3,000.00.
  • Property Taxes to be collected the remainder of the year are about $12,000
  • There is a $3,090.20 profit for the month and $76,836.21 loss year to date
  • The Cash Basis report shows a month profit of$865.43 and a year to date loss of $46769.25, remember the $25,000 depreciation expense has been excluded from this report.
  • The Finance Committee met on the 13th and went over the cash basis report and the budget.
  • 2005 Budget: A preliminary budget is included in the packet as well as a second page with 5%, 7% and 10% in patient revenue. Unless there are changes the budget without a percentage increase will be presented in November for approval
  • 2004 Supplemental Budget: Included in packet, unless there are changes this will also be presented in November for approval.

September 2004 Year to Date

Charges Write Offs/Misc. Inc. Gross Profit Operating Expense Net Ordinary Income Other Income/Exp Net Income/(Loss)
1 Clinic 261,307.64 -53,171.37 208,136.27 -413,529.14 -205,392.87 160,815.93 -44,576.94

Clinic-Mesa 3,832.03 -547.47 3,284.56 -761.68 2,522.88 0 2,522.88
2 Construction 0 0 0 -13,572.35 -13,572.35 0 -13,572.35

Energy Impact 0 0 0 0 0 10,815.00 10,815.00
3 Administration 11,059.88 0 11,059.88 -91,181.19 -80,121.31 43,122.12 -36,999.19
4 FIA 9,836.76 0 9,836.76 -4,772.29 5,064.47 7.38 5,071.85

Error Correct.
0 0 0 1.53 0 0 1.53

Error Correct.
0 0 0 -98.99 0 0 -98.99
5 Total 286,036.31 -53,718.84 232,317.47 -523,914.11 -291,499.18 214,760.43 -76,836.21

Resolution #6: Be it resolved that the Accounts Payable and Payroll Checks (#43358-43404) be approved.

Dave Bristol motioned and Bob Wilson seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Resolution #7: Be it resolved that the Board of Directors approves the September write-offs in the amount of $5,234.67.

Frank Wagner motioned and Denny Holmes seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

8. FAITH IN ACTION: Report given by Sharon Hill.

2004 Faith in Action Statistics Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Total
Community Donations 160 25 1033 1019 200 25 1549 75 225 $4086
Grants 250


# volunteers providing services 41 41 41 41 44 45 45 45 454 45
# of community members receiving services 13 9 12 15 10 17 10 12 13 98
# of hours of service provided 130 81 90 85 100 90 130 92 105 798
# of transportation miles provided 750 953 912 525 950 756 1300 1033 1150 7179


2004 Census Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Year-To-Date
Total Dr Appt 271 283 292 266 267 267 246 294 280 2484
# Days 21 20 22.5 21 20 22 21 22 294 190.5
Ave/Day 12.90 14.15 12.98 12.67 13.35 12.95 11.71 13.36 13.33 13.04
Lab/Inj 77 85 77 68 79 81 75 71 83 696
Pharm 24 41 24 36 20 17 13 20 25 220
AH Pharm 6 0 1 1 6 0 0 0 1 15
After Hours 10 10 9 23 18 24 23 26 22 165
Other 19 25 20 18 24 18 11 31 10 176
Paged Calls 86 57 65 87 68 68 80 69 83 671
Mesa Clinic Dr 0 7 16 18 7 8 1 10 7 74
Mesa Clinic Nu 0 1 2 1 3 3 0 6 0 16
Mesa New Pt

0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Clinic New Pt

7 4 7 20 3 41
  • Dr. Rollins and Dr. Woodyard are working on two grants:
    • $31,000 Caring for Colorado Foundation Grant for Mesa Clinic Equipment
    • $ 6,000 Colorado Rural Healthcare for Collbran Clinic waiting room furnishings
  • Marketing:
    • Brochures: Jessi and Dr. Rollins reported they are working on a Tri-Fold brochure that will go to all service area residents, Lodges, Realty offices, Chamber of Commerce, Businesses and the school. They need a budget to print about 3,000. The Board requested information from printers prior to printing the brochure. Cost of printing will be ready for the special meting on October 25th.
    • Letter: A Welcome to the community letter with a brochure would be sent to every new family moving into the area. Dr, Rollins and Bob Wilson are working on a way of finding out names and addresses of new arrivals to our community.

10. GOVERNOR’S RURAL HEALTHCARE INITIATIVE GRANT: Dr. Rollins reported that the final grant proposal has been sent and received. The District’s match commitment increased from $20,000 to $60,000 which would include grants that are being pursued. The Rural HealthcareGrants will be accepted by December 1st.

11. NO EXECUTIVE SESSION needed at this time.


There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 20:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted by,

Sharon Hill, Secretary

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